Hello and  thank you for visiting my bedazzled corner of the web!

I am Monica, the founder/designer/seamstress of MIKO Designs LLC. MIKO was established in 2016, a year after my very first figure competition in which I made my own figure suit. The decision to make my own suit wasn’t made lightly, especially since there were many existing suit designers creating beautiful work. But, I could not mold my body into a single suit that I tried. You see, I have the “sport edition” bust, and I looked absolutely ridiculous in overstuffed triangle bikini tops. I was mortified to step on stage!

So, I molded a suit to fit my body. And although it wasn’t the most blinged out suit, I felt immense confidence stepping on stage because it fit like a second skin! This resonated with my fellow competitors, and so MIKO Designs LLC was born. And, my number one goal for you as a MIKO client is to build a suit perfectly sculpted to your body

NPC Tricky Jackson Classic 2015: My very first show AND handmade suit!

  • Each suit is handmade in Lexington, Kentucky, using high quality materials. Materials include very well made molded push-up cups to Swarovski crystals and Preciosa rhinestone connectors. 
  • Every body is different! I make suits to the measurements specific to each competitor. The process begins by hand drafting each suit pattern on paper before bringing the magic to the fabric. No two patterns are alike!
  • I want every competitor to have a voice on stage through their suit! So, I always endeavor to encompass each and every competitor’s personality through their suit.
  • I am adventurous with design concepts, and exploring the use of new and different materials. You are guaranteed to get a one-of-a-kind suit!

Create your dream suit today! Click here to initiate the design process, or email me at monica@mikosuits.com. Please include your show date, the federation in which you will be competing (e.g. NPC/IFBB, NGA, WBFF, etc.) and your division (e.g. bikini, figure or physique).